Do you think you can sell your own home?  Sure you can!  Here’s Why:  In a recent survey conducted by the iProperty Company we discovered that most people were prepared to do their own viewings.  They also realised that they had to to all the cleaning up before taking photos and knew more about their own homes.  The only real concern in our research seemed to flag up by those polled were concerns about the legal process.  But guess what folks?  You HAVE to hire a lawyer no matter how you sell your property. So just follow our 10 reasons why you can sell your own home and save yourself a bundle.

  1. Clean and clear your home ready for photos and viwings.  You have to do this yourself anyway.
  2. Get a signboard.  It costs a few quid for a private for sale board but nothing like the thousands you will be charged in agent´s commissions.
  3. List your property with the iProperty Company for FREE.  It´s really easy.
  4. Take lots of photos until you get some nice ones – who doesn´t have a smart phone these days? See our free guide for hints and tips.
  5. Write a description.As long as you tell the truth you can´t get into trouble. Again see our free quick guide which makes it easy.
  6. Set a sensible price.  Don´t be over ambitious and do be prepared to negotiate.  The land regsitry offers a free database on properties sold – so you can get an idea for FREE.  If you are not sure you order a Hometrack report from us for less than £19.99.  This will tell you what price mortgages companies will value your property at – this will affect what byers can loan against your property.
  7. Do your own viewings – but that happens a lot of the time even with an agent.  You will be on hand to answer questions there and then.  Plus you don´t have to fit in with your agent´s diary.
  8. Negotiate a price.  Chances are you already know your bottom line. Use our chat function if you feel shy.  You can do it!
  9. Get direct information on offers immediately.  You don´t have to wait until the agent finds time to call.
  10. You can find your own lawyer, mortgage provider and removal company.  Google or the iProperty Company will help you find these for free.

So why not give it a try and save yourself thousands!!!

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Dawn Blake

Dawn Blake

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