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We all know that beautiful architecture can define a city with long­lasting structures that become familiar landmarks. But imagine a building that can change. This means that one space can become multi­functional and even respond automatically to changing weather conditions and the position of the sun.

The architect David Fisher designed one of the first moving skyscrapers which has rotating levels and so always looks different.

Construction of the tower has been delayed but there are still plans to create this pre­fabricated wind and sun powered structure in various cities. Another innovation from the Institute of Advanced Architecture in Catalonia has used principles based on origami to create a new material that can be reformed on site using heat to create a bespoke shape. This will allow a variety of unique structures to be created using a prefabricated material. Can you imagine having any shape you want?  

If that seems a little too futuristic, don ́t be too sceptical. Architects are already building structures with movable rooms to create space­saving solutions. This amazing design called the Sharifi House from award winning architects nextoffice allows rooms to move at the touch of a button.


(Original images at So if you have always thought of a mobile home as something of a glorified caravan, think again!

Architecture ­ Moving with the Times Moving house has a whole new meaning when it is the building that moves and not you! Check out our blog for more on dynamic futuristic buildings.

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