Winter is a great time to get crafting. It is amazing how many nice things you can make by simply learning a few new skills or thinking creatively. Getting all the family involved in making Christmas decorations can also be a great way to spend time together. Plus there is thrill of knowing that you have something in your home that you have made yourself.

We’ve had a look around at some of the best Christmas craft ideas to make your house a home. Here are our favourites – old and new.


Pasta decorations. Pasta is cheap and the various shapes make it an ideal material for creating shapes like stars, angels or bells. Simply glue together and use paint and glitter to add the finishing touches.



Pot pourri. Christmas is the perfect time to collect natural objects for your own pot pourri. Pine cones, holly sprigs and cinnamon sticks need only be mixed in a pretty bowl with a few shiny beads or baubles and a sprinkling of scented oil such as chocolate or vanilla will complete the effect. These have been used for generations to keep wardrobes and drawers smelling fresh, plus the scent of oranges repels unwanted pests such as moths and silver fish. All you need is an orange and cloves plus a pretty ribbon to hang it from. Use it as a decoration whilst the scent is strong. Once the orange has completely dried out you can put it away protect anything cloth, it will last for ages. Simply cover as much of the fruit as possible with cloves and finish by hanging somewhere dry. A little sprinkling of Orris root will help prevent mould.



Cookies and Mince Pies. Decorated cookies can be hung from the tree or just offered to friends who are visiting for Christmas. You could also package up your home made goodies with cellophane and ribbons for gifts with a personal touch.



Christmas cards. In this digital age more and more people are dispensing with Christmas cards, opting instead for electronic messages. But there is something really special about opening a real card that has arrived in the snail mail, especially if you have made it yourself. This is a particularly good idea if you have younger children as they will find this a lot of fun. Paint, paper, buttons, ribbons, foil or anything shiny can be used to create you own unique Christmas message. This is particularly nice for close family members.


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Amy Candia

Amy Candia

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