Recent research found that found that seven out of 10 pet owners planned on buying a Christmas gift for their beloved animal companion and preferred shopping for them than human family members, with an average spend of £15.  This made us wonder if animal lovers with lots more cash to splash were well-provided for with luxury options for Fido and Fluffy.    Here´s what we found, just in time to make your house a home for your pets this Christmas.  Our top Christmas presents for pets are:

Untitled-1Vivenne luxury dog bed $299

Untitled-2Fawcet dog and cat drinking fountain

Untitled-3Fun Marie Antoinette Doggy bed


Luxury pet trailers

Untitled-5Bespoke pet shower – this is a great DIY project.

Untitled-6Doggie pool – OK not sure where you get one of these.  Ask your local pool builder for a quote!

Untitled-7The Cat Spanish villa.

Untitled-8Dog mink coat – a snip at $5,375.00

Untitled-9Luxury personalised dining table and bowls.

Untitled-10Outdoor heated pet bed.

Will you be giving your pet a gift for Christmas?

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Dawn Blake

Dawn Blake

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