How to put Colour in Your Home Using Feng Shui

Ever wondered why we talk about feeling blue, seeing red or going green with envy? It is because colour has the power to influence our mood. Use our Feng Shui colour guide to re-energize your décor and lift your mood – instantly.

  1. Green – For a Fresh Start

Green is the colour of new beginnings, fresh energy, growth and healing. It is a calming colour, which promotes good health and balance. Use different shades to maximise the energy effects. The use of plants (except in the bedroom) is a great way to bring the colour green into any space.

  1. Brown – For Nurturing

Brown is literally the colour of good Mother Earth and carries a nourishing energy. It is great for entries, kitchens or bedrooms, or an accent wall in the living room. Brown and robin’s egg blue have a great synergistic energy and are a stunning decorating combination.

  1. Yellow – For a Burst of Child-like Optimism

Yellow brings light and cheer to any space. Yellow increases self-esteem and overall well-being and is great for kid’s rooms, family rooms, or large spaces. It is an excellent colour to use if you feel a little down and need a bit of a boost.  Some more top tips on how to incorporate Yellow into your Home

  1.  Orange – Promotes a Party Atmosphere

Orange is considered a social colour and can be used to promote good times and sparkling conversation. It carries a playful, vibrant energy so is great for a playroom, living room or kitchen. If you are throwing a party, orange would make the perfect colour choice for decorations, napkins and displays.

  1. Grey – for Concentration

Grey is often seen in offices, perhaps because we can subconsciously feel it emits a sharp, clear energy. It is also good great for entries, living rooms or studies, but you should avoid using it in bedrooms where it might be too mentally stimulating.  In places where you really want to rest or relax it is best used as an accent colour.

  1. White – for Tranquillity

White is the colour of purity, tranquillity and new beginnings. It promotes a crisp, fresh energy and is a popular choice for spas and places of worship. Feng Shui principles advise against using white over large areas, except perhaps in the bathroom or in a meditation space. It can be very successfully used as an accent or contrast colour.

  1. Purple – to Pump-Up the Energy

Purple is a strong, high-vibration colour which should be used in moderation. Purple walls are not a good idea as it may be just too stimulating.  Amethyst crystals are a great way to bring purple into your space, or simply use it sparingly as an accent colour.

  1. Pink to Make the Boys Wink!

Pink is the colour of love. Pastel pink is soothing and can create a calm, friendly ambience. Use pink accents (like a bowl of rose quartz) in the bedroom to encourage romance without keeping yourself awake. Hot pink is a fiery colour that can really pump-up the passion, especially with orange. Pink and green make a great combination, but make sure you choose complementary shades. Pink and black also looks good, but beware, it is a popular choice for sexy underwear for good reason!


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