Light up your life! We asked top interior designer Mark Howorth from international design company Callender Howorth to provide his top tips for lighting your home.

This is what he had to share with the iProperty Company community:

‘Lighting design is so important and can make a huge difference to the way your home feels and functions. Think about how the room is to be used.  Is it a high task area such as a kitchen where you may need good directional light for food preparation? Or is it a space like a bedroom where side-lights and up-lights can create more of a mood atmosphere.

‘Eye level lights and side lights are far more flattering for living spaces than lots of spot lights in the ceiling.  So many developers make the mistake of covering the ceiling in spot lights that provides cold and undramatic focus for spaces.  Go easy on the ceiling spot lights and consider more directional spots in the ceiling, in moderation, for focusing on art etc.

‘Don’t forget that lighting can also make a huge difference to how your house looks on the outside. Exterior lights can highlight a particular feature of your property after dusk.’

If you need help with your lighting scheme why not check out Mark’s interior design services here.

Callender Howorth Design

Callender Howorth Design

Callender Howorth Design


Callender Howorth DesignCallender Howorth DesignCallender Howorth Design

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