We asked top interior designer Mark Howorth from international design company Callender Howorth to provide his top tips for mixing vintage furniture into your contemporary design scheme.

This is what he had to share with the iProperty Company community:

‘A classic mix is to match vintage pieces of furniture with more contemporary pieces.  This takes time to get right!  The best way to start is to cut out images from magazines of the looks that you like and reduce to a few key favourite looks.  Notice how colour, pattern and the size of pieces work in the space.  Pick a key piece, such as a sofa and start from there – introducing ideas and pieces.  This can be lots of fun.

‘When planning a design the most important thing is don’t rush and enjoy the process.  There are so many options for an interior it can get confusing and daunting.  Usually, first impressions and ideas are right, so stick to your convictions.  It is useful to find suggestions from magazines – go to show homes, hotels and restaurants to get ideas and inspiration.

‘Be careful of going with colours or designs that are “trendy” at the moment –these can date quickly.’

If you need help choosing furniture and furnishings why not check out Mark’s interior design services here.

Callender HoworthCallender HoworthCallender HoworthCallender Howorth

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