Winter Work to Sell your Home in Spring

The peak selling time for property in the UK is spring.  It may be difficult to think of lambs skipping and flowers blooming when it’s so cold outside, but those winter weeks will whizz by and before you know it, you will be ready to put your property on the market.  To make sure you are really ready, here is our winter countdown with the top tasks to complete before buyers come knocking on your door.  Being prepared can help you sell faster and even add value to your property.  While you are stuck indoors, why not do the winter work to help you sell your home in spring?


3rd week – clear out unwanted items and sell them or donate them to charity

4th week – de-clutter messy areas and store away out-of-season items


1st week – wash down walls and hard surfaces and assess if anywhere needs repainting

2nd week – repaint or re-polish any areas that need freshening-up

3rd week– wash or dry clean curtains, rugs, carpets and furnishings

4th week – make any minor repairs and finish off any unfinished DIY jobs


1st week – hose or power wash outdoor areas

2nd week – wash your windows inside and outside

3rd week – spruce up your garden – it´s getting warmer

4th week – paint your front door and add potted plants for more ‘kerb appeal’

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Dawn Blake

Dawn Blake

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