You might feel like the walls are closing in on you in your current space as you try to make the best of what little room you have. While the property market continues to exclude those first time buyers, as retirees (also referred to as ‘granlords’) snap upproperty to boost their investments, more of us will be turning to Google and reading articles such as this one, to discover ways of making small, rented spaces work.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get innovative with your space and try these surprising techniques to create more room (or the illusion of it) in your home:

First of all, simply de-clutter and free up living areas. Small decorative items can make a room look busy, so use larger vases or ornaments instead of smaller pieces and clear out everything you no longer want or use. For larger items consider tucking them away in a secure storage unit, from an expert such as Kelly’s Self Storage, and enjoy the space you’ve freed up.

One surprising way of creating the illusion of more space is to paint your ceiling a different colour to the walls to make the room seem taller. A different colour will draw people’s eyes upwards instantly, making the room feel larger and more inviting – plus you can have fun with bright colours or even light, patterned wallpaper.  You could also try fitting shelves closer to the ceiling, it’s another clever way of drawing the eye upwards making the room feel taller.

Furniture that also functions as storage is another way of creating more space.  A coffee table that features drawers or a sofa with pull out compartments underneath will ensure your room is kept clear of clutter and create more space.  Take a look at these great multi functioning furniture designs to inspire you for your own space.  Furniture with exposed legs and room underneath is also key to creating space, not only does it create the illusion that you have more room it also gives you more areas to store items – preferably neatly and in matching baskets or boxes tucked underneath.

Many people avoid stripes in everyday life, whether it’s on clothing or wallpaper, when in fact they can help a small space appear much larger. Vertical stripes make things feel wider, so place a striped rug on the floor and enjoy the feeling of a longer room.

Lighting is incredibly important when it comes to creating more space in your home or the illusion of it. A bright room will instantly feel larger than a dark one, which can help contribute towards that cave like feeling or the terrifying notion that you are trapped in a Tim Burton movie.

So, now you’re armed with these surprisingly easy and pretty neat tricks to create more space in your home it’s time to go wild; de-clutter, employ some sneaky eye fooling decoration techniques and enjoy all that luxurious new space.

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Bethany Taylor

Bethany Taylor

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