If you love the Autumn season you are not alone.  Many people love this time of year for its mild climate, fun holidays and bountiful harvest.  We hope you enjoy our top 10 tips for an awesome Autumn at home.

  1. Natural displays – this is the time of year to go walking in the parks and gardens and collect your favourite leaves, berries and acorns for fabulous indoor displays that cost little or nothing.  Take your inspiration from one of the many crafty tips available on the web.
  2. Home-made Preserves – this is the perfect time to hunt down seasonal produce from local markets and farmers or even check-out rambling routes for berries.  Why not start now on hand-made jams and jellies for Christmas? Don´t forget a splash of brandy!
  3. Outdoor Fires – modern braziers can be cool or traditional and any outdoor heating will allow you to enjoy your garden for longer on dry nights.
  4. Indoor fires – a log burner or open fire is an amazing centre piece for a cosy night in – but what if you live in an apartment?  Why not consider the new models of bio-fuel burners – no wood, gas or chimney needed – just economical, eco-friendly bio fuel for toasty toes all-year-round.
  5. Autumn Holidays – whether you are celebrating Halloween, Bonfire Night or Thanksgiving, autumn is a great time to decorate your home and invite family and friends around for celebrations.  Why not spruce up your dining room with  a few new candles and accessories?
  6. Enjoy your garden – autumn can be one of the best times to enjoy the garden, there is less weeding and trees and bushes are often a riot of colour.  If you are selling your house (or thinking about it) now is a good time to take pictures to add to your property listing… or just post on Facebook to make your friends smile.
  7. Autumn Fragrance – Why not create your own pot pourri from autumn leaves, acorns and pine cones?  Add a dash of home fragrance including musk and cinnamon for a spicy autumnal scent.
  8. Accessorise for Autumn See our latest post for the new colour trends for autumn.  A few new cushions or throws in warm colours such as Marsala, Cadmium Orange or Oak Bluff will add a warm glow to your home that is totally on trend.
  9. Kitchen Comforts – Soup is the perfect recipe for a warm, light and delicious meal – why not treat yourself to a new pot or pressure cooker and heat up seasonal squash, and root veg for right now – or stock up your freezer.
  10. Fabulous Fabrics – as the evening become colder is nicer to snuggle.  Fresh throws, socks, towels and bed linen can make you feel cosy, warm and special.  Just a few new touches can make all the difference.  Fabrics with natural fibres and open weaves are very fashionable at the moment.

We hope you enjoy our tops tips for an awesome autumn – please pass along your own tips and share them with the iProperty family.

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Amy Candia

Amy Candia

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