Top 10 Treats for Bonfire Night

If you have built your bonfire, stuffed your Guy and foraged for fireworks you´re likely to be one of the millions of Brits looking forward to Guy Fawkes Night.  Remember, remember the 5th of November…even though the gunpowder plot was over 400 years ago. Grisly fact:  The word bonfire derives from ´’bone-fire’ and that is exactly what it sounds like.

Here´s our list of top fireside treats.

  1. Bangers – sausages might not be traditional, but they are fast becoming one of the most popular snacks for Guy Fawkes.
  2. Baked potatoes – baked in foil in the bonfire ashes
  3. Parkin – cake in a tin made from oats, treacle and ginger
  4. Treacle toffee – traditional
  5. Toffee apples – harvest season plus toffee – must be traditional
  6. Black peas – with salt and vinegar
  7. Flapjacks – The british version is an oat cake (not pancakes)
  8. Pumpkin soup – not traditional but a good way to use up Hallween leftovers!
  9. Marshmallows – again not traditional but fun
  10. Hot chocolate (or wine) if you´re old engough – never goes out of fashion!

What´s your favourite thing about Bonfire Night?

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Amy Candia

Amy Candia

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