The Christmas period is not traditionally a good time to buy and sell property, but if you have to move and move fast, here´s how you can approach it.  Property deals can take place anytime and where there is a will there is a way.  Here are our top property tips for moving in the new year.

Top Ten Tips

1.  Promote your property more heavily over the Christmas period – people do browse when bored on Boxing Day – this is easier as a private seller.  A great listing will help and free time over Christmas is a good time to work on this.

2. Make sure your property stays in tip top shape in case of surprise viewings.  Most people clean before the holidays but Christmas preparations can make a house look a mess.  Enjoy your Christmas but have storage boxes handy to clear up fast, if you need to.

3. If you have made a special effort to make your home look nice, make sure you take lots of pictures so you have a few nice ones to add to your listing.  This will refresh your home listing and add a little individuality.

4. If you are going away make sure you have someone you trust to conduct viewings and leave the house clean and tidy. The point here is to be available, as many sellers can potentially lose out simply by not allowing access to their property over the holiday season.

5. New Year is a good time for fresh starts, use this as an opportunity to take a positive attitude towards potential buyers, who will be in the right frame of mind to make a change.

6. New Year is also a time for new resolutions – if you want to sell, yours should be to de-clutter and fix up any maintenance or decoration problems in order to get your property in tip top shape. (Coming soon top property resolutions).

7.  Get your finances in order – most of us over-spend at this time of year, but we also take a closer look than usual at family budget and bank savings.  If you are checking out your bank balance, save time by making a note of what you can afford on a new home.

8.  Get the price right.  A realistic valuation will help you sell at any time of year.

9.  Again, a strong listing is crucial.  Lots of good pictures and a detailed description is key.

10.  Don’t forget to ask Santa for a new home!  Only joking, but Christmas is the time of year you are in touch with everyone so tell them you are looking for a buyer or a new home and ask them to pass the message along.  Use the power of social media, it is there at your finger tips. 

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