Top Ten Tips for Cat Owners When Moving House

  1. Confine your cat to a room (a bedroom is good) well before moving furniture – empty this room last.
  2. Use a pet carrier to transport your cat preferably keep the container next to someone it knows in the car (not the removal van).
  3. In the new home unload the furniture from the bedroom packed up last and confine your cat here until the rest of the furniture and boxes are unloaded.
  4. In both cases leave a note on the door so no-one will open it.
  5. If possible have a family member feed and sit with the cat until it is calm.
  6. Let the cat out of the room once unloading is completed.
  7. Don´t let your cat out of the house for at least two weeks.
  8. When you are ready to let your cat out make sure it is chipped or tagged in case it gets lost.
  9. Help your cat familiarise itself by letting it in and out as it wants – outdoor cats usually adapt faster than indoor cats.
  10. Chase away other cats from your garden so that it can explore its territory.
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Dawn Blake

Dawn Blake

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