Plants bring life to the home. There is no need to recreate the Amazon jungle, sometimes just a few plants are more than enough and if you don’t know how to care for them, there are varieties that are very hard to kill, such as air plants, cacti or any type of succulent. Scandinavian apartments usually have shelves under the windows and often put the pots there to take advantage of the scarce daylight. Do you have plants at home? What are your favorites?  Here are our top tips to make your home happy with plants.

plants in your home

  1. Indoor kitchen garden.  If you are planning a new kitchen why not make room for culinary herbs?  A window box is a great solution, but some contemporary designs include indoor kitchen planters to install right by your sink or cooker. If you want to be on the cutting edge why not treat yourself to a hydroponic tower like this one
  2. Palms and greenery for corners.  Feng Shui rules recommend that hard edges be eliminated from interior design, so a green plant in a corner is a great way to soften a room and bring nature inside.  Here are some other incredibly inspiring ideas for incorporating greenery into rooms
  3. Pretty Pots.  Investing in some beautiful pots is a great way to create a mobile indoor garden.  Because they are portable you can keep moving them around to freshen up your design and leave them outside for an energy boost on sunny day. You could also consider mini gardens in bottles or ´terrariums’.  They are portable, need little watering and there´s no mess.  Here´s some ideas how to do your favourite one.
  4. Cool Conservatories – If you like tropical varieties of plants, but live in a cooler climate a conservatory can provide the ideal environment.  Not only can you enjoy a wider variety of flowers, you can also make your conservatory more exotic looking with vibrant tropical blooms.  Orchids would be perfect!  Also see our blog post on conservatories.
  5. Wonderful Walls.  Living walls are becoming increasingly popular and provide huge visual impact, as well as making a room look more natural.  Take a look at some fantastic vertical gardens here.
  6. Creative containers.  As well as pots, why not be creative with your choice of planter.  An old piano, tool box or other object that is no longer functional, but is beautiful could be converted into an original indoor planter. There are also some great ideas here from IKEA that you may already have at home. Plants in your Home
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