Top Twenty Inexpensive Ideas for Summer Holidays  – iProperty Cost Cutting Tips for Keeping the Kids Happy

If you can afford to spend all summer on holiday or have a full-time nanny, good for you! But for many parents summer holidays can be a challenge. You love your kids and want them to have a great summer holiday that they will always remember, so we have come up with some budget beating tips to help you entertain the little tikes without breaking the bank. No matter what you plan on doing with your children, just remember what top psychologists say – it matters less how much money you spend or what you do and is more about having a happy time. So being in a good mood and making your kids feel loved and special is more important than anything.


1. Plant some veggies or herbs together.  Even if you have no garden, you can have so much fun collecting recyclable pots, decorating them, filling them with potting mix and planting seeds.  Do this at the beginning of the holidays and choose something fast-growing so that the kids can water them and watch them grow over the holidays.

2.  Visit a local place of historical interest or Museum, Observatory or Art Gallery.

3. Make home-made kites. Then go out and fly them!

4. National Parks, nature reserves, beaches and special parks (bikes rollerblades etc.).  They are often free. You might be surprised about what is right on your doorstep.

5. Make a temporary Mural. Ask your kids to draw pictures about everything they do and blu-tack them to a wall. Take down at the end of summer and make into a book to keep.

6. Camp-out in garden or living room depending on weather. Great fun!

7. Kids Bedroom Make-over. Every kids room needs a sort out once in a while and a new ‘look’. School holidays are the perfect opportunity. Search the op shops and internet for cheap ways to update their room. is a great starting point for gorgeous ideas and links to other sites but even just moving things around is great fun to do with kids.

8. The No Particular Reason Party – invite all your friends and tell them to bring food/drink.

9.  Make a summer photo album – or have a photo competition with prizes. Best animal shot, family shot, nature shot etc. On-line albums are often free to make.

10. Have a garage sale or go to a car boot sale – and let your kids buy something special with the money they make from the sale of their stuff. A great way to clear out old toys and clothes.

11. Make a movie. Work together on the story and costumes and shoot on a smartphone.

12. Get to know your city: Find out what your city is famous for and go see it. It will teach your kids to be proud of where they live.

13. Write an adventure story together.

14. Get the kids to put on a fashion show and join in – or give your little girl a home makeover.  Make sure you film it or take photos, it will make great memories for the future.

15. Make greeting cards together – and keep them for special celebrations. Grandparents and friends will love the creativity of your kids.

16. Antiques Roadshow – Give your kids a token amount of money and see who comes up with the best buy at a jumble sale or car boot sale. Vote as a family for the winner.

17.  Get packing. Investing in a plastic cold storage container or ‘cooler’ can mean that you can pack up their favourite drinks, foods and snacks and enjoy them for far less than buying them from a venue. Make it fun by turning food-on- the- go into a picnic.  For more ideas on fun picnics go to

18.  Make home-made ice lollies – they can choose their own fruit and flavours and then enjoy eating them all summer.

19. Organise a Sports Day – Get together with other parents and organise a kids’ sports day with competitions and prizes – use a local park.

20. Volunteer – Make your kids feel great about themselves by volunteering for a charity project such as a community clean up or dog walking rescue pooches.

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