Grey has been a growing trend in interiors and is widely considered to be the new white. Grey is practical, not just because neutrals have broad appeal, but because it conceals marks better than white and allows accent colours to pop rather than dominate. Using grey in interior design as a base colour can create a wide range of looks from natural, to under-stated to bling. If you want to use grey in your home but are nervous about taking the plunge why not read our top 10 tips for decorating with gorgeous grey.

Grey wooden floor

      1. Don’t use gloss paint in your home. Gloss will make grey look industrial or cheap so stick to matt finishes. Use glass and metal to add shine. Bling and grey go great together.
      2. Layer your lighting in your Living Room. Too much use of shadow in a room decorated with grey can look gloomy so ensure that any overhead lighting is complemented with low level lamps or up lighting to give a warm glow. A warmer coloured bulb will also avoid too much blue light which can make a room feel cold.
      3. Choose a mood for your Property. It is a good idea to try to decide what mood you want a room to have before choosing your furnishings. Grey can look minimal and office-like if you stick to clean lines. Your choice of décor could be natural, casual, bold or bling. What mood suits you best?
      4. Perfect Palette for Pattern. Using a neutral colour like grey allows you to experiment with a variety of patterns without having to worry so much about clashes. Using spots, stripes, florals or abstracts together will add interest to your greys and allow you to experiment without having to worry about getting colours right.
      5. Terrific Textures. Textures are often ignored in interior design, but use of a limited palette allows you the opportunity to really create a contrast with textures. A shiny industrial room can be offset by a rugged, rustic wooden piece. Natural linens and wools can be lifted by use of mirrors and metallics. Layer your textures to create an understated look that is full of interest and surprise.
      6. Pop of Colour. Whether you want to use a bold statement such as a red sofa or piece of art, or just provide relief with a hint of lavender, contrast colours will stand out next to grey but not jar on the eye. You can also use grey as a base to mix a number of colours, just about any other colour will go with grey.
      7. Break with tradition. Grey was traditionally used with silver and cool colours, but fashion has broken this taboo by showing that grey can look great with warm neutrals such as cream and brown and warm gold metallics. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other neutrals and gilt.
      8. Going Green. It is true with almost any colour that greenery can transform a room. If you want a minimal look, but like the thought of a little nature why not add plants and flowers to your grey décor to create an interesting contrast.
      9. Grey Goes Anywhere. Any room can be transformed by grey décor whether it is a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living area. You can even use grey for an outdoor colour scheme because of the wide availability of grey furnishings, natural materials and paints.
      10. Natural Materials. One of the best things about grey is the abundance of natural materials that are available in this colour. Marble, stone, ceramics, wood and metals are all available in grey.

Grey Wall in dining room

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