Want to Move Before Christmas?

– Here´s How with the iProperty Company

Christmas is a time that many families look forward to, so it is no surprise that the property market slows down on the run up to December.  With the average time to sell taking from five to nine weeks (once a sale is agreed) the rush is now on if you want a new home by the time the holiday season starts – there are only 11-12 weeks left.

One of the fastest way to get your house on the market is to sell it yourself and buy direct from the owner.  You can do this for free with www.theipropertycompany.com.  Using your smartphone is the quickest way to list, simply set up an account and be ready to add photos and a description. The iProperty Company will do the rest.  If you want to buy, why not browse our great selection of properties?  We have many older properties, but we also have a particularly good selection of thousands of new build homes, so if you want somewhere that is ready to move into, this a good option for a hassle-free Christmas and a completely fresh start for the new year.

If you are based in the North East, you really have no time to lose with sales taking from nine to 10 weeks.  Greater London, Wales and East Anglia sell more quickly than other areas at for to five week. Some of the main factors when selling are:

  1. Price
  2. Location
  3. Condition of the property
  4. Financing
  5. Legal advice

Listing fast with iProperty can speed things up (and save you money) but there are also many other things that you can do to increase your chances of moving house fast.  Why not have a look at our guide on selling fast?  and how to sell your own home.

Good luck with your move!

Average Time to Sell by Region


 How long it will
take to sell… 

 …and how much you’re
likely to have
to cut the price 

 East Anglia

5 weeks


East Midlands

7 weeks


Greater London

4 weeks


North East

10 weeks


North West

8 weeks


South East

4 weeks


South West

6 weeks



5 weeks


West Midlands

8 weeks


Yorks & Humberside

9 weeks



6 weeks 


Source: Hometrack, June 2014

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