As we all get to grips with the New Year, many of us plan on losing the flab and revealing at least a little of our bone structure. With this in mind we have chosen our weird property wednesday – beautiful bones from the ribcage house in California.  This house was no doubt inspired by the harsh desert environment that sees exposed animal skeletons as part of the natural landscape. Not that we suggest you go that far with your New Year resolutions! But as grim as this concept sounds, the house is actually quite beautiful.


Set in the Joshua Tree National Park, USA this house was designed by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg and features a combination of natural and industrial features. The design fits perfectly into the landscape, making the most of views over the dramatic terrain. The house is divided into different areas with some spaces having a cosy cave-like feel and other spacious and almost Cathedral in style. The use of colour in the house is minimal, again so that it blends with its surroundings, but the amazing use of shape and texture means that this home is anything but boring.

29.32Designed in 1988 and completed in 1993 this house was recently up for sale for $3m. We think the character Ripley from the Alien movies would live there if she had the cash.

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Dawn Blake

Dawn Blake

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