The Nautilus house gives us a colourful close to 2014. This weird property was designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain, who likes to explore natural forms in his designs. We think this owes more than a nod to the artist and architect, Gaudi, but wherever the inspiration comes from you have to admire the astonishing originality of this house.

A Home for Captain Nemo

Built from eco-friendly materials, this home not only has a radical visual design, but also features a unique climate control system that circulates cool and warm air around the extraordinary shape.


The house is quite obviously meant to look like a shell, with stained glass and glitter to add a striking array of colours to it undulating spiral structure. The furniture is mostly purpose built and forms an integral part of the build. We are sure that the Mexican mountains and sunshine help make this a pretty place to live, but the owners of this weird and wonderful property must feel like they are living in rainbow, whatever the weather.

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Amy Candia

Amy Candia

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