Wonderful Walls.  Any feng shui expert can tell you that having greenery inside the house is a sure way to create a feeling of calm and contentment.  A new trend goes beyond the idea of having a rubber plant in the corner – vertical garden walls are a stunning way to combine design, architecture and nature by bringing the outside, inside.

Lush greenery in your living room does not have to depend on green fingers.  Technology can help you to create this amazing effect with the minimum effort.  The old fashioned way of doing this was with a bottle garden.  A sealed environment using glass and automatic irrigation minimises the attention that the plants will need.  If you prefer to have the plants exposed you can also enjoy the added benefits that nature brings.  Plants in areas where you do not sleep are healthy because they can eliminate 90 per cent of contamination and boost humidity – which is better than a face cream for soft skin.  The air you breathe will also feel better and you have the added benefit of natural fragrance from the plants.

This might seem like a fancy idea, but depending on the plants you choose and how hi-tech (or lo-tech) you want to go, you can also have something that suits your budget.  Obviously lower cost options require more effort, but there is nothing stopping you from choosing something like cacti or airplants if you are worried about finding time for maintenance.

Most of all the results can be stunning!  So why not let your imagination run wild and bring the outside, inside, with beautiful vertical garden walls?

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Dawn Blake

Dawn Blake

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