I also believe that the days of having to physically go to an estate agents shop to find out what is available on the market are long gone. This means that many aspects of what most agents offer is now superfluous. If you can market your own property or find one online why do you need an agent? You still have to be willing to show your own home, but this happens quite often even when you do use an agent. The same is true for making sure your home is presentable, this has to be done whether or not you conduct the viewing yourself.

Technology enables people to communicate in ways that they have never been able to before. Social media concepts such as Facebook have revolutionised the way that people connect. We have been able to make good use of this in order to introduce buyers and sellers.   Agents have to ensure their clients go through them directly so this precludes them from tapping into the power of social media – a distinct disadvantage in today’s technological landscape.

The iProperty Company is unique because it does everything in one place for free.   No other property portal offers a high quality experience at absolutely no cost. No fees, no commissions, no charges – at all. Any builder or private individual can use iProperty without spending a single penny, forever – and that is a promise!   That can add up to significant savings when you consider that agents’ fees alone can amount to the price of a new car.

We do, however, want to provide a viable alternative in every way – so we also help you connect with all the services that you might want, to get the result that you require for your own individual needs. That is why we have negotiated deals with top property-related professionals that save you money on signboards, valuations, photography, mortgages, legal advice and many other services. Not only will you find everything you need on iProperty, you will also get the best deal possible.

The iProperty Company not only saves you money but it allows you to take complete control of the sale or purchase of your home. You can list as many properties as you like, of any kind, anywhere in the world – completely free of charge. We also intend to listen, as iProperty develops, so property buyers, sellers and renters can have a major say in what features they would like to see unfold and what improvements they think we should make. The community will have the control. You will be empowered to market your own property in your own way with the added reassurance that we are backed by industry leaders such as the NHBC (National House Building Council). We hope that you enjoy using iProperty and saving money!

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John Candia Massey

John Candia Massey

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