A Better, Bolder Brighter, Easier to use version on desktop and Android is here now.  If you use iProperty you will see that we are constantly updating. We would like to say thank you thank you to everyone who gives us feedback on the site and apps.

Here´s a preview of some of our cool new features and improvements.

Desktop Features

Easier Searching – we will be introducing many more options that are instantly clickable so that you can search for your perfect property in the way that suits you. We will also be adding Google street view so that you will instantly have much more information on the property you are viewing. The new desktop version will also help you move navigate between different properties more easily. Geo targeting will also enable your search in your immediate area instantly on mobile.

Navigating on the site is now faster and more agile as you can move from the previous listing to the next with just one click.

Faster Listing – we are simplifying the listing process so that you can create a professional listing in fewer steps, it will even better and faster. Following feedback, we have also made improvements to our photo section. Uploading, selecting and sorting pictures is easier.

More stable – the iProperty Company has not been developed from off-the-shelf software and it takes time to build a complex property portal. We are always fixing bugs, but the new site will be more stable than ever before.

fernandoFernando A significant improvement has been reducing latency between nodes, improving ReplicaSet times and new support for multimedia format.

Faster to Use – Hurry, hurry, hurry! Our software upgrades mean that iProperty is now much faster for searches and listing, and the new version is even faster still.

Easier Access to Your Social Networks – It is even easier to share your listing via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email for free. Plus now you can advertise on Facebook to really boost your exposure to potential buyers and renters. You get to take control of marketing your own property and save money.

The search and internal navigation on the site is even better.  I didn’t think it was possible but it is!  It is now even easier to share your listing with social networks.

Free PDF Brochure – Your professional listing created instantly by iProperty can even be downloaded and printed off or sent via email with your own property brochure. Our new design will look even better. All you have to do is post great pictures and an accurate description and you will have a property brochure you will be proud to share with your friends, family and prospective buyers or renters.

Design-The new design for all platforms is fresher, brighter and more intuitive making iProperty even better looking and easier to use. Check out our super site upgrade now.

We put more emphasis on usability within the design by moving things around and making the navigation for the end user as smooth as possible.

New Android App Features – We have continually improved our android version of the iProperty app, but the new version will be even easier to use. We have created more options for clicks which mean that text input has been dramatically minimised. A good tip is to have your photos ready on your smartphone before you begin. Your listing will then take minutes. Searches are also faster and easier.  Listing on the Apps is easy and quick and you get the same result when you see it on desktop.

Browse by area is a new and handy feature to navigate and search for properties with only a few taps on your screen.

New Apple IOS App in Development – Our IOS version of iProperty is incredibly popular and we have already made improvements to our existing version. The next IOS app we launch will be completely new, it make take a little more time, but it will be worth the wait.

The new version of iOS is exciting.  The design is cutting edge.  The simplicity of creating and searching for properties will be faster and more efficient than ever.


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