Considering Buying or Selling a Holiday Home?

Take a Look at our Survey for the most popular choices.

A recent survey undertaken on behalf of The iProperty Company gives some great insight into what most holiday home buyers are looking for. Here is a quick summary of the results, see our full survey below:

  • Most would buy a coastal property, with warmer weather and the countryside also being popular choices
  • The South West was the most popular region
  • Most people responded that they would at least consider retiring to a holiday home
  • Less than 12% said that a previous holiday in the UK was a persuasive factor
  • Less than 12% said they would visit a second home 10 times a year or more
  • Over 60% said they would visit 2-5 times per year. The average number of visits estimated was 4.43


1. What would attract you to a location if you were looking to buy a holiday home there?

Choice %
If it was on the coast 55.85%
Hotter in the summer 37.15%
If it was in the countryside 30.80%
Nearer to family 17.30%
Close to shops 24.30%
Close to lots of attractions 19.70%
Safe places for children to play 24.90%
It’s in a city centre 4.60%
Cheaper to run 20.25%
Good public transport 19.80%
Other 2.45%


2. Which of the following regions would you most like to buy a property in? (tick up to three)

Choice %
East Anglia 12.20%
East Midlands 7.75%
London 14.95%
North East 9.00%
North West 9.60%
Northern Ireland 3.65%
Scotland 12.70%
South East 12.00%
South West 26.80%
Wales 14.30%
West Midlands 3.15%
Yorkshire and the Humber 11.75%
None in particular 13.00%


3. Would you buy a holiday home with the view to retire there in the future?

Choice %
Yes- definitely 19.65%
Yes- maybe 55.90%
No 24.45%


4. Has a recent holiday within the UK made it more or less likely that you will buy a holiday home in the UK?

Choice %
Yes- definitely 11.85%
Yes- possibly 34.60%
No 45.25%
N/A- I’ve never been on a UK holiday 8.30%


5. If you were to buy a holiday home, how many times a year do you think you’d go to visit? (approximately)

Choice %
0 3.65%
1 4.35%
2 15.75%
3 17.05%
4 21.85%
5 10.90%
6 9.95%
7 1.90%
8 2.25%
9 0.50%
10+ 11.85%
Average 4.43
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