After seven years as a real estate agent I am incredibly excited to be able to share my expertise with members of the iProperty community. I used to work hard to help my clients and I know estate agents sometimes have a bad rep – but I like to think that I was one of the good ones!

As a member of the iProperty team I realised instantly that we were onto something. I had begun to notice that people were changing the way they looked for property to buy. Instead of coming into the office and asking for advice on what to buy, many potential purchasers had already done their research and knew what they wanted and also had a fairly good idea about market values. The fact is that so much information is available on-line now, that many buyers and sellers have everything they need to buy, sell or rent directly.

Obviously everyone wants to buy well and there are many things you can do to help you do this, but I find it is mostly sellers and landlords that need help and advice to market their properties effectively. In order to help you do this we have created a series of on-line tutorials. Just click through our blog to find the notes or videos for the specific information that you need. Our tutorials will help you learn how to get the most from iProperty and provide you with insider hints and tips. Consider me to be your online estate agent, here to provide you with all the info you need – for free!

If you have any questions that are not answered by our Frequently Asked Questions or tutorials, please do not hesitate to ask. I will be writing a regular column in the blog called Agent Amy, where I will answer the most popular questions about buying, selling and renting property. Welcome to the iProperty community, you are only a step away from moving along the property ladder and making huge savings. What is not good about a portal that is totally free to use?

Write to me with your property queries at

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Amy Candia

Amy Candia

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