iProperty Company reaches 10,000 home listing milestone

Now has more properties listed than the ‘major’ online estate agents combined.

The iProperty Company has reached the milestone of 10,000 homes since its low key launch this Summer.  Having been backed by a number of major British house builders  it now has thousands of listings in the UK and from sellers in Cape Verde, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Argentina and the United States.

Listing with the iProperty Company enables UK sellers to cut out agents’ fees, saving thousands. In London for instance, the average saving will be £7,500. In other countries where real estate commissions can be as much as 5-6% the savings for sellers can be substantially higher.

The annoucement caught the attention of the British media including the Mail on Sunday.

Our CEO John Candia said:

‘It’s extremely exciting to see people listing properties from around the globe especially as we have only just begun marketing.  We are building a property community for anyone who wishes to buy, sell or rent their property for free without using an agent.’

Despite the high profile recent launches of a number of online estate agents, the iProperty Company now has more listings than many other online companies combined.  Commenting on why the iProperty Company is proving so successful in getting listings, John Candia continued:

‘The recent spate of online estate agents all suffer from the same problem.  To all intents and purposes they are a traditional agent without an office. Some even have boots on the ground which mean their costs are naturally going to be high.  The iProperty Company enables sellers and landlords to create a high quality property listing in minutes, anywhere in the world – and it´s free.´

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